How long will it take for my vehicle(s) to be delivered?

Many factors determine the length of delivery including things like distance and weather so there is no one set timeline here. If your vehicle is in transport, please contact your agent for information regarding your services with us. If you are looking for an estimate for transporting your vehicle with RCT, please give us a call or send us an email so we can work with you to formulate a plan and get you moving!

Can my vehicle be picked up and dropped off at my home?

We are happy to do this provided it is possible! Sometimes, this is not an option due to accessibility restrictions such as a narrow alleyway. If home pickup and/or delivery is not available to you, we will ask you to meet our driver at a nearby location such as a parking lot.

Is my vehicle covered by insurance if something goes wrong?

Of course! You can rest easy knowing your vehicle is fully covered during the duration of it's journey with RCT.

Can I ship items in my vehicle?

Unfortunately, the insurance does not cover any items inside your vehicle; it only covers the vehicle itself. We ask that you remove any personal items from your vehicle prior to using our services. The only items permitted in your vehicle during transport are your registration, proof of insurance, and children's car seats.

Does my vehicle need to be in running condition?

No, this is not necessary, but please make us aware of the condition so special arrangements can be made if need be.

Can I check the status of my vehicle?

Absolutely! You can call our office during business hours or email us anytime to track your vehicle.

When will I be notified about my pick up?

We will call you the day before or the morning of delivery to confirm a specific time for you to receive your vehicle delivery.